Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wittgensteins take on languages

Having spend half of my life learning UML and with a keen interest in designing domain specific languages, I had to smile when I came accross this quote. Makes for a nice thought. In which language do you guess, you get lost first? How do we design a language so that we do not get lost. Or to quip: "Worüber man nicht sprechen kann, darüber soll man schweigen."
[rough translation into English: "Language is a maze of different paths. You come from one location and you know your way around; you come from another path to the same location, and you don't find your way."]

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  1. Add on:
    Wittgenstein seems to get really popular amongst the IT crowd: Here is a take by Alistair Cockburn: http://alistair.cockburn.us/Wittgenstein's+lectures+on+the+foundations+of+mathematics+(and+arithmetic+with+very+large+numbers).