Sunday, October 4, 2009

Impressions of Google wave

The other day I received my Google wave account. If you do not know what wave is: some people said that it is like email on steroids and in a way that is true, but there is more to it.

I recommend to watch the first part of the presentation held at the Google I/O conference:

The interesting concept about wave is that it rethinks how communication could be done using the internet and tries to find a solution for it. The solution might not be perfect, but so far I like it. Time will show.

The most interesting part of Google wave is that you can write robots for it, which interact with the communication. For example a robot could analyse the conversation and draw a diagramm according to the content. Writing robots is also really easy. A very good tutorial to get you started can be found here. There are APIs for java and python available. I completed the example in about 5 minutes and I am currently writing a small robot myself which will analyse a DSL to draw use case diagrams as a prototype. Apart from the robot API there are also different scenarios where and how you can extend wave.

Another nice example of the usage capabilties of the platform can be found here:

Are you using wave, have you written your own extensions? I'd be glad to hear. You can also contact me under or just leave a comment.

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