Sunday, March 14, 2010

Arduino robot project pt. 1

Inspired by a post which I found Fabian Steeg's blog, I purchased the Arduino Microcontroller and started to assemble various little projects. If you are in Germany I highly recommend to get the controller from Fritzing.

When I started wiring the hardware I purchased a book by make:
It is really a funny book and a nice introduction into electronics, with all kinds of weird experiments. Essentially I am into the idea that they invite their readers to break stuff.

After some initial brain storming I came up with the idea, that for my first real project I'd like to create a robot which is capable of making movies. Hence it should be able to move around without bumping into stuff and have a pan and tilt tower where the video camera is mounted.

After some research I found a twin gear box made by Tamiya:
This will replace the standard motor for the tracked vehicle kit (also by Tamiya).
The gear box is already assembled and I am still waiting for the chassis to arrive from Hong Kong. Meanwhile I am constructing the IR Sensors and the pan and tilt tower. The two required servos are already working. Now it still requires some metal work to put all the pieces together.