Friday, April 9, 2010

Arduino robot project pt. 2

Yippie, the robot chassis arrived a while back from Honk Kong in this wonderful wrapping. While it had been on its way, I had been busy soldering my first InfraRed distance sensor. I even had to experience the disappointment of the whole thing not working after I transferred it from my breadboard, but in the end I just figured out that there was a cable missing.

Yesterday I also had the pleasure to attend my first Palo Altona Drinkup - a group of tinkering specialists based in Hamburg. If you are interested, have a look at the website, there are regular meetings/drunkups.

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  1. I remember the times when I built my first ever memory extension board (hand painted circiut layout :) for the 64. I spilled acid over my pyjama and my mother really was scared about what was going on downstairs. Maybe one day I'll get back to this :)