Sunday, April 18, 2010

Refarm the city

This weekend I had been sitting on my balcony and had been wondering how I could protect my herbs I need for cooking from drying up, during the periods when I am not at home, travelling for work.

A quick look at the internet brought a project to my attention, which I found very appealing: Refarm the city. Turning my balcony into a Arduino based lab for farming? Deal! So I started creating the water basin.

A box of water bottles turned upside down, will provide an environmentally friendly water tank.

Drill some holes into the caps.

Connect the bottles using sokme tubes and connectors from the nearby fish shop.

Wired everything up.

Some additional controls.

Final outlet. Still need to find a 5V magnet valve to control the outlets.

Prototype for a humidity sensor.
To be done: Construct a water and rain proof shield for the microcontroller to send information to the base station. 

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